Google Consent V2 in Opencart : Step by Step Guide

Google has introduced version 2 of Consent Mode, developed to provide greater flexibility and control to users over how their data is collected and used. So, at DevmanExtensions, we bring you the solution to this problem, an easy solution.

This latest version introduces new features and significant improvements over its predecessor. Keep reading to learn how to configure it correctly and super easily (this is not an empty promise) and to continue with your Google Ads campaigns effectively.

Besides, you’re not one of those who skirt the law, are you?

Or… are you?

Let’s start by understanding what Consent V2 is about.

What is Consent Mode V2?

Broadly speaking, it’s like our toxic girlfriend.

It’s the way Google has found to continue maintaining its campaigns effectively while at the same time, respecting users’ privacy.

Consent Mode V2 is the second version of the tool, primarily designed to collect additional signals from users who do not give consent for access to their personal data or for browser storage for data collection. These signals are used to model conversions (Google Ads, Floodlight, etc.) and visitor behavior (Google Analytics 4).

What’s new in this mode?

Version 2 introduces two new consent signals, ad_user_data and ad_personalization, and a renewed URL scheme to pass the states of consent to Google services.

In addition, it introduces the concepts of Advanced Consent Mode and Basic Consent Mode.

Advanced Consent Mode is the way we know and use Consent Mode, i.e., collecting data from users who did not give consent.

On the other hand, Basic Consent Mode means that Consent Mode is active on the page (or application), but Google tags are prevented from loading and collecting data until consent is granted.

So far, so good, but…

Is it necessary to use Consent Mode V2?

Well, if you’re from the European Union, or sell services in the European Union, or run Google Ads campaigns for people in the European Union, then it’s almost mandatory if you want to continue tracking actions on your website.

If you’re from another geographical region, I advise you to comply with the rules because it’s very likely that it will be extended to the whole planet.

NOTE, it’s only for Google tags.

What happens if Consent Mode is not implemented before March 2024?

If Consent Mode V2 is not implemented before March 2024, there may be consequences for data collection and audience creation.

It’s essential to understand and prepare for these changes in Consent Mode in time to avoid interruptions in data collection and advertising operations.

Tick tock, tick tock, the clock is ticking, its all up to you.

Getting down to business…

How to configure Google Consent Mode v2 in Opencart?

I bring you the step-by-step guide so you can configure your Opencart store to comply with Google Consent Mode v2.


It’s as simple as installing Google Marketing Tools.

Yes, indeed.

My extension (Google Marketing Tools) version 13.0 is already compatible with GoogleConsent V2, you just need to turn it ON, and voilà, the magic is done.

Go check out the demos, and you’ll see it’s exactly as I tell you.

Isn’t this the best tutorial you’ve ever read, right?

Now I’m going to answer several questions you might be asking yourself.

Is it possible to customize the popup that is displayed for Google Consent?

Of course! You can change the colors of the background, buttons, texts, bar, background. You can change the default written texts.

Can I select the position where it is displayed?

You have 5 positions to choose from: in each of the corners of the screen and the middle in such a way that it blocks all action until selecting the preference in the popup.

Can I customize the texts?

Yes. You can place the text you want where you want, within the Google Consent notification.

Can I add my own privacy policy?

It was impossible to leave this functionality out. You can place the link to your own privacy policy.

Concluding the topic on how to configure Consent Mode v2 in your Opencart store, there are two aspects that I want to highlight, which I consider the most important of this post

  1. Time is the most valuable resource in the world, and with Google Marketing Tools, you can enjoy hat, time: to focus on finding how to increase your sales with Google Consent v2 well configured and in just seconds.
  2. If you are from the European Union or sell services through Google there, Google Marketing Tools is almost a must-have, no mincing words, you need it.



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