Opencart - Quick n Easy checkout

The most mobile friendly, fast and customizable checkout process for Opencart!

Main features
  • Super easy install in few seconds -> VIDEO
  • Compatible with all external payment/shipping methods
  • Compatible with all external templates (Journal 2, Journal 3, Shoppica, Pavillion...)
  • Put SEO Friendly URL to checkout (multilanguage compatible in Opencart 3.x)
  • Layout 100% customizable: Change your colors, positions, icons to where and how you want them.
  • Optimized to fit a mobile phone, tablet or computer for a quick checkout.
  • You can have a different layout for Guests or Logged-in users.
  • Forms are 100% customizable.
  • Interface is 100% translatable in the administration.
  • Sign-In with: Facebook, Paypal, Linkedin or Google+.
  • Autocomplete addresses with Google Maps API.
  • Auto detect client’s Country/Zone by GEO IP on their first visit in checkout.
  • Validate forms in popups option.
  • Customizable images for payment/shipping methods.
  • Compatible with custom fields.
  • Animated steps in top.
  • Intuitive step validations.
  • Go to checkout just after add a product to shopping cart.
  • Custom code zone area in admin zone.
Additional information

Opencart 2
  • Default theme
  • Journal 2
  • Pavillion
  • ClearShop
  • GlobeTHM
  • Magic zoom extension compatibility
Opencart 3
  • Default theme
  • Journal 2
  • Journal 3
  • Store Flex
  • GlobeTHM

Magic zoom extension compatibility

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE PURCHASE: We can not guarantee the correct functioning with external themes or external modules that are modifying essential parts used by this extension (for example product options).

About external themes: Sometimes theme developers use his own code which is not respecting Opencart CORE rules, also using his own libraries to product image galleries. This will produce an incompatibility with this extension and will require a personal adaptation.

About external modules: Same way, if you have external modules that is changing critical product parts that can entry in conflict with this extension (like product options) is possible that you will have incompatibilities.

An incompatibility with your theme/extension is not motive of refund, we have to do a budget to adapt plugin to your neccesities. The refund will be applied in case that the custom develop is not possible.

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