Google Marketing Tools

The best Google Tags extension for OpenCart. Always up to date and validated by Google Experts.

Save hundreds of hours and dollars configuring your store to be compatible with all external tags from Google, Facebook, Criteo, Bing ads, hotjar...
  • Google Tag Manager - Last GTM technology
  • Google Optimize - To A/B testing
  • Google Analytics - Compatible with USER ID | Track pageview | Live events
  • Google Enhanced Ecommerce - Measuring cart events | Product & promotion impressions & clicks | Configure your own multi-channel funnel & more!
  • Google Ads (Adwords) conversions - Complete Conversion Tracking purchases | Negative conversions compatible
  • Google Reviews - Connect with your merchant center | Google Reviews after purchase order
  • Google Dynamic/Standard remarketing- Compatible with dynx | All views tracked | Set prefix or sufix to ecomm_prodid
  • Google Rich Snippets - Product details | Product user reviews | Validated by Structured Data Testing Tool - Google
  • Facebook Pixel - Track pageview | Add to cart | Add to wish list | Purchases
  • Pinterest Pixel - Full pages tracking | Cart event | Purchases
  • Hotjar Tracking - Full pages tracking
  • Crazyegg Tracking - Full pages tracking
  • Bing Ads conversions - Full pages tracking | Cart event | Purchases
  • Criteo OneTag tracking - Full pages tracking | Purchases
  • Mailchimp campaign to abandoned carts - Auto-send to mailchimp information of clients that did not complete purchase to start campaigns. Auto restore client carts to finish his shop (include guest users).
  • FEED GENERATORS - Multiple configurations, multilanguage/currency compatible:
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Import Export Pro

Import/export data at once! the best importer to Opencart!

Import/Export all your opencart data, ideal to manage your products, categories, options, filters... compatible with version migrations.
  • DAILY TASKS You can make hard daily maintenance tasks very easy and fast.
    • Update product stocks.
    • Update product prices.
    • Update product options.
    • Update product images.
  • BULK CREATE You can bulk create all elements exactly like you want in your store.
    • Bulk create products.
    • Bulk create categories.
    • Bulk create manufacturers.
    • Bulk create options.
    • Bulk create options values.
    • Bulk create filter groups.
    • Bulk create filters.
    • Bulk create attribute groups.
    • Bulk create attributes.
  • BULK DELETE You can bulk delete elements, for example:
    • Delete all products
    • Delete all products from one or all manufacturers.
    • Delete all products where the quantity is between two numbers eg 0 - 10.
    • Delete all products where the price is between two numbers eg $5.00 - $10.00.
    • Delete all attributes that aren’t assigned to any product.
    • Delete all filters that aren’t assigned to any product.
  • BACKUPS You can do full backups from your store, you can choose between the next data: Affiliates, Attribute groups, Attributes, Banners, Categories, Countries, Coupons, Currencies, Custom fields, Customer groups, Customers, Addresses, Downloads, Filters, Filter groups, Geo zones, Informations, Languages, Layouts, Lengths, Locations, Manufacturers, Marketings, Modifications, Options, Option values, Orders, Products, Recurrings, Profiles, Returns, Reviews, Seo urls, Statistics, Stock statuses, Stores, Taxes, Uploads, Vouchers, Weights, Zones.
  • CRON JOBS If you are getting your data from a provider, via XML, CSV, EXCEL, Google Spreadsheet… we can personalize it to suit your needs, getting these task to update automatically every hour every day or every week!
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Mobile Professional Framework

Get a friendly, fast, optimiced and usable version of your shop to mobile devices!

With Mobile Professional Framework you will have a perfect alternative when customer see your website from his mobiles devices.
Fast, usable, optimized for mobile devices, tested on hundreds of different devices. 10/10 from Google User Experience Certificate
  • Google approvals 100% user experience
  • Only active when access via mobile/tablet
  • 100% configurable: main menu, footer, custom sections, appaerance, products list, product inner and more!
  • Choose between 10 recommended themes or make your own theme style!
  • You can choose from your active modules, how much will appear in mobile version or vice versa
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Quick n Easy checkout

The most mobile friendly, fast and customizable checkout process for Opencart!

We know the importance of a fast, friendly and adaptable purchasing process to increase your conversions. Discover the best buying method ever created for Opencart, optimized, responsive, friendly, and fast to use for the customer.
  • Super easy install in few seconds -> VIDEO
  • Compatible with all external payment/shipping methods
  • Compatible with all external templates (Journal 2, Journal 3, Shoppica, Pavillion...)
  • Put SEO Friendly URL to checkout (multilanguage compatible in Opencart 3.x)
  • Layout 100% customizable: Change your colors, positions, icons to where and how you want them.
  • Optimized to fit a mobile phone, tablet or computer for a quick checkout.
  • You can have a different layout for Guests or Logged-in users.
  • Forms are 100% customizable.
  • Interface is 100% translatable in the administration.
  • Sign-In with: Facebook, Paypal, Linkedin or Google+.
  • Autocomplete addresses with Google Maps API.
  • Auto detect client’s Country/Zone by GEO IP on their first visit in checkout.
  • Validate forms in popups option.
  • Customizable images for payment/shipping methods.
  • Compatible with custom fields.
  • Animated steps in top.
  • Intuitive step validations.
  • Go to checkout just after add a product to shopping cart.
  • Custom code zone area in admin zone.
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Options combinations

Combine options to your products! Indidual data in combinations!

Ideal for shops that manage product that require a options combinations like clothes (Sleeve type + Size + Color), shoes (Size + Color), tech devices (Color + Capacity)...
  • Make until 3 options combinations.
  • Swap options comb. images in product list views -> Example (featured module)
  • Block add to cart button if trying add more that stock -> Example
  • Dynamic changes product view during select chained options -> See demo
  • New option type: "List" -> See demo
  • Easy managing options combinations! -> See demo (open tab "option")
  • Assign image to parent option -> See demo (open tab "Image")
  • General module configuration in admin zone -> See demo
  • Each combination options can have this individual data:
    • Model
    • 3 images
    • Extra text
    • Quantity
    • Subtract stock (on/off)
    • Price by customer group
    • Price prefix by customer group
    • Special price by customer group
    • Special "date start"/"date end" by customer group
    • Reward points by customer group
    • Dimensions (Length, width & height)
    • Weight
    • Weight prefix
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