First Steps

In this section we will explain the Import Export PRO interface

When we access to Import Export PRO we will find several tabs, which we will list and explain below (We will do a deep tutorial for each tab in another sections of this documentation):

  1. Export - Import: This is the Import Export PRO main tab, from here we will be able to execute our import and export profiles as well as edit them (or delete them).
  2. CRON Jobs: From this tab we can activate previously created import / export profiles so they can be launched through CRON Jobs, by clicking on the "Tutorial" link located in each row of the table, we will obtain information about how we would have to create that CRON Job in our server.
  3. Custom fields: From this tab we can create fields that have been added by third party extensions, once created, these new fields will be visible in NEW import / export profiles that we try to create.
  4. Migrations or Backups: From this tab we can import / export data from our database massively, this function can be used to make backups of our platform or to make migrations between Opencart versions.
  5. Help: From this tab you have a direct access to this documentation.
  6. Support: From this tab you can open directly a support ticket, without having to navigate to another page. 
  7. Changelog: From this tab you can see the versions record with the changes that have been made in each version, as well as a link to access to your download area if you want to download the extension.