Install through these simple steps Import Export PRO, no technical knowledge is required to do it.

Server Requirements

  1. PHP 5.5.0 o higher.
  2. PHP Extension php_xmlreader enabled.
  3. PHP Extension php_simplexml enabled.

* By default, these 2 extensions are enabled in most of the server, if not, get in touch with you hosting support center and they will activated in 1 minute.

Installation in Opercart 2.x and 3.x

  1. Unzip the main file “Import Export Pro”, which contains other individual zip files for each Opencart range versions.
  2. Once logged in the Opencart administration, we go to "Extensions > Installer" and we install the zip whose name is in our Opencart range version:
    • For versions from to
    • For 2.3.x versions
    • For 3.x versions
  3. We go to "Extensions > Modifications" to refresh OCMOD changes.
  4. IMPORTANT FOR 3.X USERS: By default Opencart 3 brings a cache system, we recommerd to refresh the cache from the administration "dashboard", in a blue button with a gear located at the top right.
  5. As a last step, we go to "Extensions > Modules", we filter by "Modules" and we will see in the first positions "Import Export PRO", we press the green button of "Install" and access to edit the extension.

Installation in Opercart 1.5.x

  1. We must have the VQMOD modifications system in our store, if not, we will provide you the dowload links and installation tutorial:
  2. Unzip the “Import Export Pro” main zip and you will see that there is a ".xml" file, upload it to "/vqmod/xml".
  3. Unzip the "" zip and upload all the content of the "upload" folder to your site root. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the log of your FTP program shows that all the file were uploaded correctly, if not you can experience problems during the tool management.
  4. Go to "Extensions > Modules" and press the link "Install" in "Import export PRO", which you will find in the modules list.