We have gathered in this page all most frequently asked questions of our clients, we hope it helps you. If not, don't doubt to get in touch with us.

1.- Is it compatible with all themes, including Journal?

Effectively, it doesn't matter the theme that you're using, since this extension works only in the administration zone.

2.- Is it compatible with multi-shop and multilanguage?

Yes, it is completely compatible with multi-shop and multilanguage, being able to import/export these data.

3.- Can I update each day automatically with providers my stock?

Yes, from the "CRON Jobs" tab you will find a guide to configure these automatic processes to execute import and export profiles, once established in you server, the task that you wish will be automatically executed when it is necessary.

4.- I want to move the data from my Opencart old version 1.5.x to a more actual version like the 2 or 3, can I do it?

Yes, it is posible to migrate NATIVE opencart data between all the opencart versions (including from new ones to old ones).

5.- I have a test domain, will it work in both domains?

Yes, our license system only allows a domain per license, but if you have one (or several) development domain, simply open a support ticket and ask to add your development domains, we will do it without any problem.

6.- I don't have time to configure and import all my products, do you offer any service to do this?

Yes, get in touch with us and show us the file (or files) that you want to import into your store, we will recommend you and do all the work for you for a reasonable price.

7.- Can I edit my products that are currently present in my store?

Of course, you can edit existing products and create new ones, the system will detect which data exists and wich not.

8.- What formats does this tool admit?

  • xlsx
  • xls
  • xml
  • csv
  • ods
  • json
  • Google Spreadsheet (To connect you with Google Drive and import/export products files in the cloud).

9.- Is it possible to add third-party extension fields to the import and export processes?

Yes, for that you need to acquire the "Custom fields" extra complement, it can be purchased in the own plugin administration, from the "Custom fields" tab. It should be noted that this extra complement is compatible with external fields that were added to Opencart native columns, if your third-party extension have created new tables and wants to import/export these data, it will required a customized development to add this functionality, in this case get in touch with us and explain us your situation.

10.- I work with several providers, each one passes the products to me in a different way, can I import all these data?

Yes, you can create as many import/export profiles as you want, each one adapting to your provider's needs: File format, origin/destination of this (FTP, URL, upload it manually...) etc.

11.- My product files have related data (categories, manufacturers, options...) that are not created in my store, will the import procees create them?

Effectively, the import process will detect if these data are available in your store, if not, it will create them before asign them to the products.

12.- My store has thousands of products, will be there any problem using the tool?

During these years, we have optimized to the maximum all que posible consults that are realized in the import and export processes, the only limit that you can find is in your server, which could cut the launched processes if these surpass the established limits, this is a problem alien to us, you will find the same in any importer that you use. To solve this problem you can always increase the PHP directives that are responsible of memory limits and the execution time or use CRON Jobs, in wich (in the most of the servers) doesn't exist limits. You have all the documentation about the server limits in this same page.

13.- Can I delete my products at once? And of a certain category or manufacturer?

That's right, in the export profile you can set all the filters that you want (products whose amount is lower than 1 and that belong to the "computers" category, for example), once the products you want to delete have been exported, set the value "1" in the "Delete" column (or as you have called it) and finally import this file in an products import profiles. This same process can be used for other data as categories, manufacturers, etc...

14.- I want to update some data of my products, like price, quantity... but the I don0 have the product ID in the file, is it possible to update these data?

Yes, in the import profile you can set what column is the one that identifies the product (model, sku, ean, isbn, mpn...) this way, the system will update your products data through a field that is not the product ID directly.

15.- My provider provides me his file through an FTP account to access to his server, can I import this file?

Yes, in the import profile you can choose what file will be downloaded from an external server, setting right there the connection data that they have provided you. Also remember that this import profile can be automatically launched, if you want, through CRON Jobs.

16.- My provider provides me his file through an URL, can I import this file?

Yes, in the import profile you can choose what file will be downloaded through an URL establishing right there the URL that they have provided you. Also remember that this import profile can be automatically launched, if you want, through CRON Jobs.

17.- My provider provides me his images through links, will the system download this images?

Yes, the system will detect if the field of an "Image" column is an URL, downloading the image and assigning it to the product.