We have collected the most frequently asked questions from our clients on this page, we hope you find it helpful. If not, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is GTM compatible with all topics?

During recent years, we have worked to make Google Marketing Tools as compatible as possible. If your subject is not doing something out of the ordinary with the "header" and the "footer" you will not face any problems. You can visit the section "Installation and configuration> 5.- Tests and common errors" to learn more information about errors we have discovered.

Is GTM compatible with my purchase page?

If you are using a personalized shopping page, and it is not respecting the OpenCart CORE rules, Google Marketing Tools may not be able to do its job properly, so an additional fee will be required to resolve this incompatibility as our developers will need to code within your platform.

Currently, Google Marketing Tools is running smoothly in the following checkouts:

  • Quick n Easy checkout
  • Ajax quick checkout
  • One step checkout
  • Super checkout

Can you install and configure the extension for me?

The installation and configuration of any of our plugins is not included in the price of the license, but if you wish, our technical team can do all the work for you for an additional fee.

To obtain a detailed quote, you can send us a support ticket indicating which aspects of GTM you wish to have configured, we will contact you within a maximum period of 24 hours.

Can I use my Google Marketing Tools license on more than one domain?

The license is individual by domain, as well as 1 GTM workspace by domain, if you want to use Google Marketing Tools in more than one domain, you can take advantage of the discounts we offer when buying a pack of licenses, or later, when you want to use GMT on an alternative domain, you will automatically receive 20% discount on your license INCREASE.

Development environments: If you have one or more development sites, you can indicate them to our technical support team and they will be added to your license for free.

What am I entitled to with the license purchase / renewal?

As in the other extensions, the general rights of our licenses will apply.

In the case of Google Marketing Tools:

  • Technical support: 3 months of technical support for problems directly related to GMT. These months start counting from your license purchase / renewal date.
  • Access to the workspace API: 3 months of access to the API that generates and sends the workspace. These months start counting from your license purchase / renewal date.

Do you admit all countries?

Google Marketing Tools adminite all the countries that support the external platforms you want to use (Google, google mechant center, bing ads ...), if the platform you want to configure supports your country, Google Marketing Tools also supports it.