2.- First steps

In this brief tutorial we will explain what each tab of the administration area consists of

Opencart Google Marketing Tools tabs

  1. Select store: If you are using multi-store, you can set a different configuration for each of your stores, select in this selector the store you want to configure.
  2. General: Here the general configuration of the module, any change in this tab will be changed in the frontend area.
  3. GTM Workspace generator: From this tab, you can generate the workspace that contains all the tags, variables, etc ready to work (depending on the functionalities that you need, the workspace will be different).
  4. Feed: From this tab, you can configure your feeds and obtain the links that we can send to external markets.
  5. Taxonomy: From this tab, you can configure Google taxonomy (google categories) for our own categories (necessary for some feeds).
  6. GDPR: From this tab, you can configure the GDPR functions if necessary.
  7. Abandoned carts: From this tab, you can configure the synchronization API with MailChimp to start abandoned cart campaigns.
  8. Help: From this tab, you will see a link to this documentation.
  9. Support: From this tab, you can open a support ticket if necessary.
  10. Changelog - downloads: From this tab, you can see a version history with a list of improvements, as well as our download link.