1.- Installation

Install Google Marketing Tools through these simple steps, no technical knowledge is required to do so.

Installation in Opencart 2.x and 3.x

  1.    Unzip the main file "Google Marketing Tools V.X.X.X.zip", which contains other individual zip files for each version of Opencart.
  2. Once logged in the Opencart administration, go to "Extensions> Installer" and install the zip which name is within the range of your version of Opencart:
    • 1.5.X-to- For versions from to
    • 2.3.X-google_marketing_tools.ocmod.zip: For versions 2.3.x
    • 3.X-google_marketing_tools.ocmod.zip: For versions 3.x
  3. Go to "Extensions> Modifications" to refresh OCMOD changes.
  4. IMPORTANT FOR USERS 3.X: Opencart 3 by default brings a cache system, we recommend refreshing the cache from the "dashboard" of the administration, in a blue button with a gear located in the upper right.
  5. As a last step, go to "Extensions> Modules", filter by "Modules" and you will see "Google Marketing Tools" in the first positions, then press the green "Install" button and then agree to edit the extension.
  6. Additional step only for Opencart users from to Open the "index.php" file from your Opencart root directory and add this line just before "// Fron controller


Installation in Opencart 1.5.x

  1. You need to have the VQMOD modification system installed in your store, otherwise, we provide the download links and installation tutorial:
  2. Extract the main zip "Google Marketing Tools V.X.X.X.zip" and you will see that there is an ".xml" file, upload it to "/ vqmod / xml".
  3. Extract the zip "1.5.X-to-" and upload all the contents of the "upload" folder to the root of your site. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the log of your FTP program shows that all the files were uploaded correctly, otherwise you may experience problems during the operation of the tool.
  4. Go to "Extensions> Modules" and click on the "Install" link in "Google Marketing Tools", which you will find in the list of modules.
  5. Open the file "index.php" from our Opencart root directory and add this line just before "// Fron controller"